First Annual Event

Gary Rogers and Matt Mathews 1st annual Pushing For Pink skate jam to help raise money for The Keep A Breast Foundation and support the fight against Breast Cancer.

Second Annual Event

Gathered yet again to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention at the second annual Pushing for Pink. An event that continues to grow within...


Pushing for Pink is an annual non-profit breast cancer awareness event based in San Francisco. The skater ribbon logo represents individuals who have family and friends fighting breast cancer and continue to push forward. With help from Spitfire Wheels and Levi Strauss & Co., Pushing for Pink hosted a 5 mile long skate through Golden Gate Park raising funds over $4,000 which went directly to the Keep a Breast Foundation. Our goal is to push towards a brighter future by spreading awareness through this challenging information age.

"We are so stoked and honored to have such a rad event helping our mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. A HUGE thanks to Pushing for Pink and the skating community for everything you do to spread breast cancer prevention education." — Keep A Breast


We meet, skate and fundraise in the San Francisco community.


100% of the proceeds made by Pushing for Pink are donated to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Give Back

With help from our sponsers, Spitfire Wheels we have product tosses and raffles for participants.


We work together to bring awareness to the community.

Pushing For Pink - Spitfire Wheels

80HD Chargers | Classic Shape | A portion of the proceeds from these wheels goes to the KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION